A Time for Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! It is going to be a great day as everyone settles in with family traditions, fantastic food, good friends, a little TV watching, and little walk-taking! What a wonderful day to reflect on blessings.
We at Cincinnati Maintenance have so much to be thankful for and, as always, we are extremely thankful for our wonderful customers.
THANK YOU to our fantastic loyal customer base and a heartfelt welcome to our newest friends who have had us out for cleaning jobs this year!
We love hearing from you:

  • “The best to work with. They do an amazing job.” – Joe
  • “We had Cincinnati Maintenance clean our office carpeting which was a mix of removable carpet tiles and normal carpet. They arrived on time, and were extremely professional. The work they did was superior; the carpet smells and looks great and work was done quickly. Highly recommend them.” – Kathy
  • “They did an AMAZING job. A years worth of wear and tear from my rescue dog did a number on the off white carpets. They took them from dingy grey to looking brand new in about an hour. The owner’s dedication to quality and service was only matched by his passion to educate his customers. I’ll be calling them every time I need them cleaned.” – Dave
  • “Professional and courteous employees. They explained what they were going to do and what I could expect. My carpet looks and feels clean. They use nice smelling products. I will be a repeat customer and recommend their service!” – Amy

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving, to one and all!

Beware: Rock Salt or Other Ice Melting Products Can Hurt Your Floors

Did you know that rock salt or other ice melting products can damage your floors inside your home?
If you are using ice melting products on your walkway, driveway or porch, it is imperative to limit as much as possible the exposure of these products to your home’s carpets, rugs, and floors, including hardwood and vinyl.
Rock salt and “ice melt” is easily tracked into your home from the out-of-doors. This can ruin carpet fibers and markedly increase wear on your carpet. It is grimy and makes your carpets and rugs look dirty, as well! In addition, these gritty substances can scratch and nick your hardwood and other flooring.
To avoid damage:

  • Have people take off their shoes before tracking in your house! Place a special mat or even a couple of old towels for family and guests to place their shoes upon entering your house.
  • Place doormats at all of your entrances right inside the door and vacuum them frequently. Honestly, it’s a good idea to have a couple of inexpensive replacement mats during the winter.
  • Vacuum your area rugs and carpets often — salt product particles can very quickly penetrate deep into the carpet fibers.

If you have any questions or carpet cleaning needs, as always feel free to contact Cincinnati Maintenance!

Don't Neglect Your Furniture

We talk all the time about your carpets and floors being one of your home’s largest investments. But, your furniture is, too!
Don’t neglect cleaning your furniture upholstery! We at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend professionally cleaning upholstery every 8-12 months, sometimes even more often if you have small children or pets.
Your couches and comfy chairs can get dirty pretty quickly. Food particles, drink spills, perspiration, dog and cat dander, fur, etc.,….in many ways, your upholstery can end up being even dirtier than your floors – mostly because it is not in the forefront of people’s minds to have their furniture professionally cleaned periodically.
Families sit on their furniture just as often as they walk on the carpets and rugs – but which gets cleaned and vacuumed more often? Something to think about…
Add your furniture to your vacuuming schedule and have your upholstery professionally cleaned a minimum of once per year.  You’ll be amazed at the results when you give your upholstery a little love!