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Is Microfiber the Next Wonder Cleaning Tool?

Cincinnati Maintenance is a “green” company always looking for the best recommendations for cleaning products which have no harsh chemicals and are effective, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Microfiber is one of our favorite and trusted cleaning tools that we ask our friends and clients to use. So, what is microfiber?  It is a blend […]

Because We Care, Cincinnati Maintenance Uses Plant-Based, Soap-Free, Odor-Free Procyon to Clean Your Carpet and Upholstery

Cincinnati Maintenance knows you want clean carpets and upholstery but are also concerned about toxic chemicals around your family, pets, employees and clients.  That’s why we use plant-based, non-toxic, soap-free Procyon to take care of your cleaning needs. Determined to be the leading “green” carpet cleaning company in Cincinnati, we are proud to be able […]

Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tile and grout can be challenging.  Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.  Being equipped with the proper tools for maintenance will help pro-long the appearance of your tile and grout.  For commercial settings proper matting systems reduce soil infiltration drastically.  The same can be applied to residential applications. When installing tile and grout one of the most […]

Low Moisture Cleaning Solves Problems

Low Moisture or Encapsulation cleaning is the most safe and advanced way to clean and maintain carpet.  Whether in residential setting or commercial environments low moisture solves many problems associated with carpet cleaning. Carpets dry fast. Homeowners are happy because their busy house can get back to normal quickly.  Commercial clients experience rapid turnaround times […]