Green Cleaning Cincinnati

90% less water used during cleanings
Cincinnati Maintenance uses only green certified cleaning products
Carpet and floors dry fast putting you back to normal quickly
Protection is added to carpeting ensuring longer life and reduction of cleaning frequency
Sewage waste is reduced by ninety percent
Give peace of mind to your family and customers with a healthier indoor environment
We use only HEPA filtration vacuums on every job
Low moisture ensures rapid dry time, and eliminates fears of mold or biological growth
No gasoline buring engines during cleaning services

The Green Process

At Cincinnati Maintenance we used the most advanced and up to date cleaning methods and safe chemistry to provide the healthiest possible environment.  Whether it’s a maintenance cleaning or a complete restoration.

Encapsulation cleaning is the fastest growing segment in the carpet cleaning industry.  Our company is on the fore-front of this green technology in Greater Cincinnati. Seventy five percent of soil in carpet can not be removed with water alone. Regardless of the method, a properly trained technician should vacuum every rug before adding water.  We find a majority of companies fail to perform this vital step. Otherwise most unwanted soil will be left behind.  After vacuuming, we use low moisture cleaning with an EPA DfE labeled cleaning agent to surround any soil that was not removed by dry vacuuming.  This lifts soil that would otherwise be left behind so that it is easily vacuumed up on the next routine vacuuming.  This process is proven to remove more soil that other more traditional cleaning methods.

Persons that may suffer from allergens, and chemical sensitivities can breath easier knowing the dirt and soil in their home or business is gone for good.

Using low-moisture creates a FAST dry time, often fourty five to ninety minutes, and also prevents “wicking” or reappearance of stubborn stains.

Advancements in chemistry also allow us to treat more biological based stains including pet urine, moulds, and mildew with the power of hydrogen peroxide.  Hydrogen peroxide cleaners oxidize odor and other organic based stains where other treaments may not produce desired results.

Carpet cleaning in particular requires multiple steps by a well educated and certified floor technician.  All of the staff at Cincinnati Maintenance recieve IICRC certifications and can identify proper cleaning methods to ensure your warranty and property recieves the best possible care.


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