Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati

We only employ skilled dedicated employees to give your  carpet and upholstery the best care.

We follow strict IICRC standards for carpet cleaning and floor care services:

Pre Vacuuming to remove 80-90% of soil in your carpets

A low moisture cleaning method is used that provides a deep thorough cleaning. Carpet cleaning Cincinnati product is a US EPA screened and tested product that is safe for your family, pets, and customers.  Low moisture carpet cleaning Cincinnati ensures a fast dry time, and eliminates any chance of biological growth including molds.  Safe cleaning for any type of carpet fiber including wool.
Commercial customers can expect a reduction in facilities maintenance expense in reference to floor care.  The process drys fast putting your facility back to normal quickly.  Protection is added to each job extending the life of the carpet and reducing frequency of cleanings.  Our trained and dedicated staff will provide you with the custom floor care solution designed to make your customers feel at home, and to provide a healthier, safe environment for your employees.  Healthy employees ensures a more productive staff adding to your companies bottom line.
Post grooming to give your carpets a like new feel and  look!

Carpet dries in 45 to 90 minutes compared to 4 to 12  hours with conventional methods.

Your home will return to normal fast.

Your business will not be disrupted.

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Carpet cleaning in particular requires multiple steps by a well educated and certified floor technician.  All of the staff at Cincinnati Maintenance recieve IICRC certifications and can identify proper cleaning methods to ensure your warranty and property recieves the best possible care.

Discounts for scheduled  maintenance

What is heat setting?
Heat Setting is a process at the mills to set crimp and twist to the carpet fibers. It’s performed with either a dry heat or wet heat at extreme temperatures. When new carpet is installed it is all uniform in appearance.

In the carpet cleaning process what is happening? Heat and water are being used to release soil from the carpet. What can that do to the original “heat set” to the fiber?? It’s obvious cleaning will and does alter the original factory setting to the face fiber ultimately changing its appearance and can cause premature wear.
How is this damage prevented?
In the industry we commonly refer to it as carpet finishing. This is the last and final step to the carpet cleaning process. Most likely you have rarely seen a carpet cleaning company perform this vital step. We use a rake or carpet groomer to set the pile upright and in one position. In addition to the majority of companies failing to pre-vaccum, post grooming or finishing is just as important.
Outside of providing health and safety to our clients, following industry recommended and required cleaning procedures is a top priority!


$115 Min Service Call

Maintenance Cleaning – Low Moisture
.40 Per Sq Ft
Pet Urine & Odor Decontamination
.40-.50 Per Sq Ft
Specialty Spotting / Emergency Calls
$150 Minimum Up To 1st Hour
$25 Each 15min. All Inclusive Labor/Chemistry
Commercial Maintenance Cleaning

$150 Min. Service Call
.25 < 1,000 sq ft
.20 1,000-2,500 sq ft
.15 >2,500 sq ft
Pricing is subject change.  Inspection Required.
Pricing Negotiable for Frequency and Maintenance Needs.
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