Tile Grout Cleaning Cincinnati

Cincinnati Maintenance offers Green Tile Grout cleaning services!

We use high pressure equipment to remove the dirt, grease, and grime from residential and commercial tile.  We only use green certified products to aid in the removal of stubborn soils from your tile and grout.

Don’t replace your tile and grout without consulting with an expert.  Our trained and dedicated staff will provide a custom solution to your dirty problem.

The equipment is designed to control overspray and contain the cleaning process.  Floors are rinsed and a final mop is performed to ensure the floor is nuetralized.

Absolutely no toxic chemicals are used during the cleaning process.

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We service doctor’s offices, daycares, restaurants and many other commercial clients with a need to customize a more sustainable option for floor care.
We are experts in VCT tile strip and wax for the small to medium size business.  We use floor care products with low voc, and that carry green certified labels to ensure a healthier indoor environment.  We are on the cutting edge of the new green floor care technologies.
We can virtually eliminate the need for harmful floor stippers, and chemical waste.
Scheduled floor maintenance with Cincinnati Maintenance will ensure your floors are always in first class condition, but also rest assured we will provide you with an affordable, green, safe option for tile maintenance.

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