How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned? Cincinnati requires more cleaning due to wet winter months.

One question we get asked almost every day is, “How often should I have my carpets cleaned?”  We at Cincinnati Maintenance know that the answer can vary from business to business and from home to home, and we are prepared with expert knowledge to help you make informed decisions.
Being IICRC-certified, we look to the highest level of expertise to answer cleaning frequency questions.   A good rule of thumb for homes with pets and families is to have your carpets cleaned every 6-to-12 months.  Office buildings (particularly, ground floor offices), the same 6-to-12 months.  
Other, more specific service-oriented institutions require more frequent cleaning, due to health and sensitivity concerns:  daycares, once per week; nursing homes, once per month; restaurants, once per month; and, schools, every 3-to-6 months.
Obviously, other factors can affect the recommended frequency of professional carpet cleaning:

  • Particles from the outside that are easily tracked or blown in
  • Temperature, humidity and season
  • Types of activities taking place indoors
  • The specific type of carpet fiber
  • The type of indoor environment (for example, office building versus daycare facility)
  • The number and health status of inhabitants
  • Smoking habits of inhabitants
  • The number of children and pets
  • The thoroughness of routine housekeeping performed

Because all of Cincinnati Maintenance’s staff are IICRC certified, we can identify appropriate cleaning frequency to ensure your home or business receives the best possible cleaning care.