Wicking. What is it and how to stop it. For Good.

Stubborn stains can bothersome.  Have you ever tried to remove stains on your own only to discover those stains reappear after a cleaning?  Let’s learn more about the process.


When there is a spill that’s rather significant the stain on the surface of your carpet is often smaller in size that what settles on the backing. Wicking is an action that draws soil from the backing of the carpet or substrate to the surface of the carpet fibers.


As moisture evaporates stains walk up the carpet fibers when the drying process has occurred. This causes the stain to “wick” back up to the surface.  


As if this problem isn’t enough, residues from cleaning solutions can also attract soil after cleaning.  This will leave you with a never ending, frustrating process with a stain that seems to never go away!!


Our low moisture cleaning process in 90% of the time will resolve these issues. Since less water is being used the likelihood of stains “wicking” back to the surface is significantly reduced. This is due in part by not allowing any water to soak the carpet backing. Also, this is a very green process and the chemistry we use doesn’t leave a residue behind.


Additional steps may be taken to rapid dry the area with additional bonnet absorption.


If you have stubborn stains that seem to never go away, get in touch with us to discuss your cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Winter Cleaning Tips to Keep Snow and Salt off Your Floors.

Winter Tips to Keep Snow and Salt off Your Floors.


Snow and Salt Can Be a Bothersome Mess.

Winter in Cincinnati is almost over, but Old Man Winter is here for several more weeks. I thought it would be important to share some useful tips to keep your carpet and hard surfaces clean as we pull through the remainder of this very cold winter.


Tip #1


Proper use of mats.

Whether it’s your home or commercial space you are concerned about the proper mats can help reduce soil infiltration into your structure.  


Outside your door it’s ideal to use a rubber mat to help knock off debris such as stones, and excess salt from entryways.


Inside your door is where you need an absorbent mat. You’ll want a walk off mat that allows for at least two full steps. If you’re worried about your home, it would help to further the protection with a few scrap terry cloth towels.


Also I’d restrict how people enter your home or facility. Have them enter through the door where all the outside elements can be controlled with proper mat’s.


Tip #2


Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Salt is often higher than 7 on the ph scale.  Meaning it leans more towards alkalinity. For those unfamiliar alkalinity attracts soil by leaving a hard or sticky residue.  This goes for your carpeted areas as well.


A rule of thumb is to only use neutral balanced cleaners around your home or office to avoid residue buildup.  If access alkalinity is present, you’ll want to focus your efforts on a non-abrasive acid based floor cleaner.


The most effective choice for homes is a hot water and vinegar solution.  Pay attention to those bottles you buy at local home stores. Most common degreasers are higher on the ph scale adding only to the alkalinity.  While it may look clean, the floor may have a stubborn residue only leading to attracting more soil, and frustration.


As for carpet soil from snow, salt, and our furry friends, do your best to lay towels to absorb as much of the outdoors as possible. Be cautious of store bought carpet cleaners.  Again as a rule of thumb look for a neutral, eco-friendly spotter or carpet cleaner. Less residues, less soil. Cincinnati Maintenance will be ready for your restorative, low-moisture, green carpet cleaning as soon as the weather breaks.


Thanks for reading this article. If you have questions about stubborn soil issues on your hard surfaces or carpet, we’re available at info@cincinnatimaintenance.com anytime.


Ed Susshine

Cincinnati Maintenance

New Year's Resolutions – How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

It’s New Year’s resolution time! Often we at Cincinnati Maintenance hear our clients vowing to have a cleaner, healthier home as a New Year’s resolution – we say, “Go for it, Cincinnati!” Regular, professional carpet cleaning is a great addition to your cleaning resolutions!
Then, we are asked, “How often should I have my carpets cleaned?”  The answer can be different depending on your home, the age of your carpets, the size of your family, whether or not you have pets, etc., but here are some of our recommendations:  Homes with pets and families should have the carpets cleaned every 6-to-12 months.  Office buildings (particularly, ground floor offices) benefit from the same 6-to-12 month recommendation.  
Certain service institutions require more frequent cleaning, due to health and sensitivity concerns:  daycares, once per week; nursing homes, once per month; restaurants, once per month; and, schools, every 3-to-6 months.
Let Cincinnati Maintenance assist in your New Year’s cleaning goals – call (513) 827-6150 today to get started or contact us here!

Why You Should Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Cincinnati Maintenance wants to help you keep your home healthy and clean – two very good reasons right there why it’s a good idea, Cincinnati, to get your carpets professionally cleaned!
Why you should get your carpets professionally cleaned:

  • Your home will smell great and will look great, too! Everyone wants that!!
  • Keeping your carpets in good shape keeps or adds to your home’s value – professional cleaning keeps the carpet fibers uplifted and keeps your carpets looking as new as possible for as long as possible.
  • As mentioned in the point above, professional cleaning prolongs the longevity of your carpets.
  • Keeping mold, mildew and harmful bacteria at bay is yet another great benefit of a deep professional cleaning. Your health is important to us!
  • And, hey – it keeps YOU from having to take on the task of deep cleaning your carpets yourself!

Now, THAT’s peace of mind! Call Cincinnati Maintenance today – (513) 827-6150.

Our Favorite Holiday Advice

Over the years, we at Cincinnati Maintenance have talked about cleaning advice for the holidays – how to cope with a variety of possible circumstances – particularly when it comes to keeping your carpets and floors clean – upholstery, too!

Here are some of our favorite blogs:

Pets in the House? Here’s what you need to know

Should you clean before or after the holidays?

Beware: Rock salt or other ice melting products can hurt your floors

Favorite holiday blogs

A Time for Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! It is going to be a great day as everyone settles in with family traditions, fantastic food, good friends, a little TV watching, and little walk-taking! What a wonderful day to reflect on blessings.
We at Cincinnati Maintenance have so much to be thankful for and, as always, we are extremely thankful for our wonderful customers.
THANK YOU to our fantastic loyal customer base and a heartfelt welcome to our newest friends who have had us out for cleaning jobs this year!
We love hearing from you:

  • “The best to work with. They do an amazing job.” – Joe
  • “We had Cincinnati Maintenance clean our office carpeting which was a mix of removable carpet tiles and normal carpet. They arrived on time, and were extremely professional. The work they did was superior; the carpet smells and looks great and work was done quickly. Highly recommend them.” – Kathy
  • “They did an AMAZING job. A years worth of wear and tear from my rescue dog did a number on the off white carpets. They took them from dingy grey to looking brand new in about an hour. The owner’s dedication to quality and service was only matched by his passion to educate his customers. I’ll be calling them every time I need them cleaned.” – Dave
  • “Professional and courteous employees. They explained what they were going to do and what I could expect. My carpet looks and feels clean. They use nice smelling products. I will be a repeat customer and recommend their service!” – Amy

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving, to one and all!

Beware: Rock Salt or Other Ice Melting Products Can Hurt Your Floors

Did you know that rock salt or other ice melting products can damage your floors inside your home?
If you are using ice melting products on your walkway, driveway or porch, it is imperative to limit as much as possible the exposure of these products to your home’s carpets, rugs, and floors, including hardwood and vinyl.
Rock salt and “ice melt” is easily tracked into your home from the out-of-doors. This can ruin carpet fibers and markedly increase wear on your carpet. It is grimy and makes your carpets and rugs look dirty, as well! In addition, these gritty substances can scratch and nick your hardwood and other flooring.
To avoid damage:

  • Have people take off their shoes before tracking in your house! Place a special mat or even a couple of old towels for family and guests to place their shoes upon entering your house.
  • Place doormats at all of your entrances right inside the door and vacuum them frequently. Honestly, it’s a good idea to have a couple of inexpensive replacement mats during the winter.
  • Vacuum your area rugs and carpets often — salt product particles can very quickly penetrate deep into the carpet fibers.

If you have any questions or carpet cleaning needs, as always feel free to contact Cincinnati Maintenance!

Don't Neglect Your Furniture

We talk all the time about your carpets and floors being one of your home’s largest investments. But, your furniture is, too!
Don’t neglect cleaning your furniture upholstery! We at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend professionally cleaning upholstery every 8-12 months, sometimes even more often if you have small children or pets.
Your couches and comfy chairs can get dirty pretty quickly. Food particles, drink spills, perspiration, dog and cat dander, fur, etc.,….in many ways, your upholstery can end up being even dirtier than your floors – mostly because it is not in the forefront of people’s minds to have their furniture professionally cleaned periodically.
Families sit on their furniture just as often as they walk on the carpets and rugs – but which gets cleaned and vacuumed more often? Something to think about…
Add your furniture to your vacuuming schedule and have your upholstery professionally cleaned a minimum of once per year.  You’ll be amazed at the results when you give your upholstery a little love!

Low Moisture or Encapsulation Cleaning is Best

There are different methods of professional carpet cleaning. We at Cincinnati Maintenance prefer low-moisture encapsulation. Why? Because Low Moisture or Encapsulation cleaning is the most safe and advanced way to clean and maintain carpet. It dries fast; it’s PH balanced; and there is no chemical residue – therefore is wayyyyyy better for the environment AND for your own home or business.
However, whether you choose hot water extraction or encapsulation cleaning, please consider the following:

  • Pre-vacuuming should be required by the technician. If you hire a professional and they do not begin by dry vacuuming first, send them on their way before they do anything more. Seriously.
  • Request non-toxic, “green” pre-sprays and cleaners. Cincinnati Maintenance often uses Procyon Brand carpet and tile cleaning products to produce amazing cleaning results.  These cleaners are soap free and derived from various plant based ingredients. This helps eliminate any type of chemical exposure whatsoever.
  • Carpet grooming: The crimp and twist of the carpet is set at the mills with either a wet or dry heat.  When professionals clean with heat, the setting from the mills can be disrupted.  Post Grooming can help prevent harming the carpet fibers.

Cincinnati Maintenance is dedicated to staying current on all of the best products and best practices to help keep your home and business clean AND safe.

Don't Let Your Carpets Make You Sick

Flu and cold season is about here – a topic we like to address this time of year. The kids are in school, probably around more children than usual and therefore more germs. It’s naturally flu season anyway. The change of seasons sometimes seem to bring on colds and whatnot. There’s not a lot you can do about any of that, BUT you can take measures to help keep your carpets from making you sick.

  1. Use an entryway mat. We have talked about this before. Entryway doormats are a place where grit, grime, and, yes, even some germs can be halted before it all reaches your home’s carpets. The trick here is to really, really have that doormat on a good vacuuming and cleaning schedule! And, hey, it’s a doormat – replace them as needed.
  2. Vacuum! Just do it. And, a vacuum with a good filter – preferably HEPA filter – is definitely best.
  3. Clean up spills and food crumbs immediately. The goal here is to reduce bacteria growth from organic material. Same goes for any pet accidents: get it cleaned asap.
  4. Deep, professional cleaning on a regular schedule (once per year or twice per year, even) is always a good idea. More often if you have pets or toddlers in that crawling-around stage.

Minor illnesses, especially during “the season,” can’t be completely avoided, but taking care of your carpets properly is just one more step in taking care of you and your family.
Contact us! Cincinnati Maintenance – (513) 827-6150.