Cincinnati Maintenance is a “green” company always looking for the best recommendations for cleaning products which have no harsh chemicals and are effective, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Microfiber is one of our favorite and trusted cleaning tools that we ask our friends and clients to use.
So, what is microfiber?  It is a blend of fibers (polyester and polyamide) that gives you the best polishing and cleaning while at the same time being super absorbent and very quick to dry.
The fiber “hooks” remove a ton of dust, dirt and contaminants from a surface.  We recommend using microfiber material to clean most surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, mirrors, carpets, plastic, polished surfaces, fiberglass, granite, painted surfaces, brass, porcelain, marble, upholstery, appliances, and a lot more.  They can also help remove soap scum, food, fingerprints and other sticky, grimy residues.
Microfiber is easy to take care of, too!  You can wash it in cool or warm water, then hang to dry or tumble on low.  A couple of things to remember: do NOT wash it with other laundry, especially not with terry cloth towels (if you do, the lint will be next to impossible to pick out of the microfiber); never use bleach or fabric softener; and never iron microfiber.
Now, why is microfiber considered “green?”  The main thing is that it greatly reduces the need to use chemicals in the cleaning process.  Secondly, they last a long time – much longer than traditional cloths and mops.  Lastly, they are lightweight and compact – you can wash more of them in one cycle at a time.
If you’re looking for ways to reduce the use of cleaning chemicals in your home or office and also be environmentally conscious, give microfiber a try!