Many of our business and industrial clients ask us at Cincinnati Maintenance how to best maintain or keep clean their VCT – Vinyl Composition Tile.  With minimal effort, the key to keeping this commercial or institutional flooring looking its best is a regular cleaning schedule.
On a daily basis, we recommend VCT be swept or vacuumed to get rid of dry dirt and gritty soil.  This may be followed by a quick damp mop.  In the higher traffic areas or areas subject to more grit, twice daily sweeping or dry vacuuming may be preferred to keep the area safe as well as nice looking.
Periodically, calling Cincinnati Maintenance to provide deeper machine cleaning ensures that the high traffic area is maintained at a level of consistency.  This deep clean may also include buffing and an application of floor finish or a combination of these.
Lastly, in some cases, a more extreme level of restoration may be required – this could possibly include stripping and refinishing the VCT.  This scenario is reserved for instances where regular maintenance was not sufficient to keep the overall desired level of appearance.
When businesses, commercial and industrial sites have invested in VCT, taking measures to maintain it properly should be part of a daily checklist of cleanliness not only for appearance but for safety’s sake as well. Lastly, having a planned schedule of professional flooring maintenance is just one more step in protecting that investment.