Last February, we blogged about the importance of dryer vent cleaning. In fact, that blog post started out with: “You hardly ever think about it until you see a house fire on the news and hear it started from a dryer vent issue.  You wonder if it’s true that dryer vents need to be cleaned regularly or if a clogged dryer vent is really that big of a deal.
But, again, we at Cincinnati Maintenance have found that most homeowners or business owners just do not really think about cleaning the dryer vents … until a fire or other destructive issue occurs. We don’t want anyone to go through the hassle of dealing with a small fire in the laundry room or, more importantly, to have to deal with a major fire tragedy.  The above photo is from an actual dryer vent cleaning job we recently handled. As you can see, a clogged vent is, indeed, a big deal.
Frequently, we are asked, “How often should I get my dryer vents cleaned?”  We recommend a cleaning every 12 months. Additionally, we will priortize a dryer vent cleaning due to the inherent risk it poses to your home or business.
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