Last December, I blogged about protecting the entryway of an office or commercial building with mats to help keep the area clean and to protect the floor of this high-traffic area. Your home deserves the protection  too!
Nothing says “home” like a welcome mat in front of the front door. But does the welcome mat really do its job in protecting your foyer floor once you head indoors?
The solution is simple and affordable. Protect your high-traffic area – the entrance to your largest investment – with an indoor rug or mat. Problem solved!
Obviously, a gorgeous area rug sounds glamorous compared to the words “entryway mat,” but the results can be the same: keep your home’s entry inviting and clean with a properly sized floor covering of your choice.
If you have children who are in and out all day with their friends, you probably want to hold off on an expensive or antique rug in your foyer. Luckily, entryway rugs or mats can be found in discount stores all the way to high-end boutique settings. So, your choices are endless!
Have fun perking up your home decor while protecting your flooring at the same time!