New home? Remodeling? Great! It’s an exciting time and “picking out” carpet and other features is a lot of fun. When it’s time for your carpet to be installed, here are a few things to know:
Have your old carpet removed and properly disposed of – if possible, recycle!
There is a great website for Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) that can assist you in finding proper disposal means in your area.
Decide on who will do your installation. 
Most likely, where you purchase your new carpet provides installation or recommedations for installers.  Be sure to look for professional installers who are certified and who follow professional protocals for carpet installation.
Be sure to keep fresh air moving after installation.
Ventilate the area well where your new carpet has been installed by opening windows and running fans or the fan of your AC. The new carpet “smell” will dissipate quickly with proper ventilation.
Care for your new carpet!
Always vacuum your carpet on a regular timetable, and Cincinnati Maintenance‘s recommendation is to have it deep cleaned by a professional a minimum of once per year (twice is better if you have children and/or pets).