Cold and flu season is soon upon us! And other nasty bugs abound during this time of year, too.  Did you know the norovirus can live on a carpet’s uncleaned surface for a month or more? Ugh.  Illness is inevitable – kids bring home germs from school, there’s lots of get-togethers and parties for the holidays where you’re around more people, and even more people are out grocery shopping to buy for the holiday feasts — touching those grocery carts. Eww.
No one can completely avoid every illness that goes around, but keeping your business or home as clean as possible clean can sure go a long way in preventative care!
Last January we blogged about how we are frequently asked how often to clean the carpets in businesses such as medical clinics or daycares. Here is our rule of thumb: Certain types of businesses need the carpets cleaned more often than others.  For instance, daycares could benefit from weekly or twice-per-month cleaning because small children are crawling around and constantly put things that have been on the floor in their mouths.  Hopefully no one is putting anything in their mouth that’s been on the doctor’s office floor, but, nevertheless, every one-to-three months is good timing for medical facilities to have a deep floor clean.  During pandemic or a time of especially hard-hitting viruses, obviously more often can only benefit the reduction of germs.
Homeowners may want to consider some extra cleaning during “sickness season,” too.  A couple of tips for the home:

Cincinnati Maintenance cares about our customers, their homes and their businesses. While we obviously can’t say we prevent illness, professional cleaning can be a powerful tool to help combat it!