Businesses and industrial clients rely on Cincinnati Maintenance to maintain and clean their VCT – Vinyl Composition Tile.  The best way to keep Vinyl Composition Tile looking its best and combatting wear and tear, is to have a cleaning schedule that is consistent.

  1. VCT be swept and/or vacuumed every day to battle loose dirt and grit. For some busier commerical and industrial buildings – which are apt to have more dirt and grit – a twice-a-day routine is recommended.
  2. Ideally, every dry cleaning should be followed by damp mopping.  
  3. Contact Cincinnari Maintenance to discuss a deeper, machine cleaning schedule.  This deep clean may also include buffing and an application of floor finish or a combination of these. Cincinnati Maintenance is happy to come to your building, assess the VCT, discuss your current practices, and recommend a timely schedule that provides the best care.

If restoration of VCT is needed, Cincinnati Maintenance can strip and refinish it.  Often, this level of restoration is a result of insufficient regular maintenance.
When businesses, commercial and industrial sites invest in VCT, a mainenance schedule that is adhered to maintains appearance and also lends to a higher level of safety for employees, staff, and customers.