It happens. It just does. No one wants to think about it, but knowing what to do if your basement floods and your carpet is soaked might come in handy some day. We usually don’t say this as a first resort, but when something big – okay, this could be near-catastrophic to some – like this happens, give Cincinnati Maintenance a call. We will talk you through the initial steps you can take.
First and foremost, safety first! Be absolutely positive there is no risk of electrical shock before heading down into your flooded basement. If the water has risen above the electrical sockets, call a professional right away.
Now, to negate the damage: get the water out. You can try a shop-vac and get your sump pump going again, but the water has got to come out. If you have standing water, call Cincinnati Maintenance immediately.
Next, air flow is key. Use a dehumidifier and also get some fans going down there. Get a hold of the best/biggest you can. The main thing to remember is to move fast to get that carpet drying to try to salvage it and to avoid mold. Don’t “wait until morning.”
You may think raising the temperature will make the carpet dry quicker, but this is not a good idea: higher heat will promote bacteria growth. Keeping the temperature at or below 75 degrees is best.
Again, these are a few emergency initial steps for you to take if your basement floods. In a case like this, please also give Cincinnati Maintenance a call, (513) 827-6150. We will provide the help you will need.