Helpful Floor Cleaning Tips from #CincinnatiMain

We at Cincinnati Maintenance thought it was time for us all to brush up on how to care for our carpet and flooring in between professional, deep cleanings.
First of all, we cannot stress enough the importance of vacuuming. It’s simply essential. The main reason is that getting up the dirt and grime helps protect your carpet! Dirt and grit wear down and break down the fibers, so vacuuming is pretty high up there in how to take care of your home and business flooring.
Sweeping and vacuuming your un-carpeted flooring is important, too! For the same reasons – it helps keep grit from wearing down your floors.
When you are “sweeping,” we recommend MICRO-FIBER. Using a mop with a micro-fiber pad works so much better than an old-fashioned broom.
Some bonus tips:

  1. For hardwood floors, use a dust mop or micro-fiber pad mop regularly. When damp mopping, a neutral (neutral being the key word) cleaner – such as the Bona products – is best. This product can be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.
  2. For tile and grout, a good tile brush from Home Depot or somewhere similar will help clean the grout. Definitely avoid sealers and high alkaline cleaners. Again, neutral cleaners are key.
  3. For vinyl flooring, avoid anything that says “enhances shine” and avoid applying floor finishes. A good neutral, preferably “green,” solution is always best.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can always contact Cincinnati Maintenance and we are happy to help!

Two Reminders to Protect your Floors & Carpet During this Insane Weather!

Two Reminders to Protect your Floors & Carpet During this Insane Weather!

It’s nice, it’s ugly, it’s sunny, it’s rainy, it’s icy, it’s rainy again, it’s sunny, it’s ugly, it’s nice, it’s icy, it’s rainy again. Ugh! Crazy Cincy weather!
Here are two important reminders to protect your floors and carpets during this time of ever-changing weather in Cincinnati:

  1. Salt, rock salt or other ice-melting compounds are baaaaaad for floors and carpet! Tracked in, it can get ground in to your nice hardwood and it also can really damage carpet and rug fibers. Be SURE to have an mat outside your door as well as one inside to get rid of salt before it gets tracked in. Another note: ice-melting mixtures can be poisonous to pets – so be mindful! Vaccum up any rock salt that gets indoors right away.
  2. Mud gets tracked in during this rainy time! Yuck! The best thing to do for mud or clay on your carpet is to scrape up what you can with either a plastic spatula or plastic spoon. Allow the remaining soil to dry and then vacuum it up. Most of the time, this process works. Just keep in mind, you don’t want to force the soil into the carpet any further, so try to avoid smearing or rubbing the dirt when wet.

If you have any questions about floor or carpet care or you need our cleaning assistance, Cincinnati Maintenance is just a phone call away – (513) 827-6150.