Entryway Mats – Small Investment Now Saves Money Later

Entryway Mats - Small Investment Now Saves Money Later

Business owners: Entrance mats stop dirt, salt (in Winter from icy sidewalk care), and other debris from being tracked further into your office building – which can spell trouble for polished floors, rugs, carpets, and polished floors. Protecting your commercial and retail investment is usually in the forefront of business- and building-owners’ minds. This extends from high-cost maintenance responsibilities all the way down to the often overlooked entryway floor protection.
There are some other reasons you want to make a small investment of entryway mats: quality mats in office foyers and vestibules prevent dangerous slip-and-fall injuries, especially in icy, snowy or rainy weather. This aids in protecting your employees, office renters, customers, and walk-in traffic from a painful accident.
Good mats will extend the life of commercial carpets and flooring, and both will stay cleaner for longer periods of time. There is naturally less wear and tear when grit and grime from shoes are taken care of at the mat instead of being ground in throughout the building.
Lastly, entrance mats are visually pleasing and create an inviting, professional look when your prospects and clients come to call.
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Entryway Mats Have Multiple Purposes in Keeping Your Office Building Clean and Inviting. Commercial Buildings in Cincinnati need Mat Systems.

At least “80 percent of all the soil, dust, contaminants, and moisture entering a facility are tracked in on the shoes of building staff and visitors,” according to ISSA experts in the cleaning industry.  Entryway or entrance mats can stop a tremendous amount of dirt and debris from coming further into your office and wreaking havoc on your polished floors, hardwood, rugs and carpets.  
A small investment in entrance mats will protect your larger investment of the flooring in your building.  The carpet and floors of the office will have a much longer life and will stay cleaner and less worn when the entryway has quality matting.
Particularly in wet or snowy weather, good quality mats in the foyer or vestibule prevent dangerous slip-and-fall accidents which can lead to unwanted and unnecessary headaches for the owner should someone get hurt.
Lastly, entrance mats create a visually pleasing and inviting, professional look as customers and clients enter the building.  It’s always a bonus to give people a wonderful first look into your building and your business.
Office building and business owners should consider nice-looking, highly functional mats to protect their flooring investment and prevent harmful accidents.