Beware: Rock Salt or Other Ice Melting Products Can Hurt Your Floors

Did you know that rock salt or other ice melting products can damage your floors inside your home?
If you are using ice melting products on your walkway, driveway or porch, it is imperative to limit as much as possible the exposure of these products to your home’s carpets, rugs, and floors, including hardwood and vinyl.
Rock salt and “ice melt” is easily tracked into your home from the out-of-doors. This can ruin carpet fibers and markedly increase wear on your carpet. It is grimy and makes your carpets and rugs look dirty, as well! In addition, these gritty substances can scratch and nick your hardwood and other flooring.
To avoid damage:

  • Have people take off their shoes before tracking in your house! Place a special mat or even a couple of old towels for family and guests to place their shoes upon entering your house.
  • Place doormats at all of your entrances right inside the door and vacuum them frequently. Honestly, it’s a good idea to have a couple of inexpensive replacement mats during the winter.
  • Vacuum your area rugs and carpets often — salt product particles can very quickly penetrate deep into the carpet fibers.

If you have any questions or carpet cleaning needs, as always feel free to contact Cincinnati Maintenance!

Two Reminders to Protect your Floors & Carpet During this Insane Weather!

Two Reminders to Protect your Floors & Carpet During this Insane Weather!

It’s nice, it’s ugly, it’s sunny, it’s rainy, it’s icy, it’s rainy again, it’s sunny, it’s ugly, it’s nice, it’s icy, it’s rainy again. Ugh! Crazy Cincy weather!
Here are two important reminders to protect your floors and carpets during this time of ever-changing weather in Cincinnati:

  1. Salt, rock salt or other ice-melting compounds are baaaaaad for floors and carpet! Tracked in, it can get ground in to your nice hardwood and it also can really damage carpet and rug fibers. Be SURE to have an mat outside your door as well as one inside to get rid of salt before it gets tracked in. Another note: ice-melting mixtures can be poisonous to pets – so be mindful! Vaccum up any rock salt that gets indoors right away.
  2. Mud gets tracked in during this rainy time! Yuck! The best thing to do for mud or clay on your carpet is to scrape up what you can with either a plastic spatula or plastic spoon. Allow the remaining soil to dry and then vacuum it up. Most of the time, this process works. Just keep in mind, you don’t want to force the soil into the carpet any further, so try to avoid smearing or rubbing the dirt when wet.

If you have any questions about floor or carpet care or you need our cleaning assistance, Cincinnati Maintenance is just a phone call away – (513) 827-6150.