EVERYONE Talks about Green Cleaning – So Do We!

EVERYONE talks about “green cleaning.” Guess what, so do we here at Cincinnati Maintenance! We love letting our Cincinnati clients know that we care not only about their carpets, upholstery and floors, but that we also care about their kids, pets, and the whole family!
Also, Cincinnati Maintenance knows the importance of taking care of our environment. It’s a no-brainer that keeping the environment healthy, keeps you and your families healthy, too.
That’s why the products we use and how we use them are good for your home AND your family. We use green-certified products that have your carpets and rugs drying quickly and that also eliminate the risk of mold or other growth.
Taking it a step further, Cincinnati Maintenance does not use gasoline-burning engines during cleaning services and we use only HEPA filtration vacuums on every job. Our products and techniques ensure that your home is taken care of in the “greenest” way possible. That’s how we show we care.

Why LEED-certified “Green” Office Buildings are Attractive to Tenants, Businesses and Employees

Lately, we at Cincinnati Maintenance have been blogging about healthy environments and safe cleaning within homes and commercial buildings – we’ve talked a little about LEED-certified (think Green!) practices and strategies.
LEED means Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, and office and commercial buildings that are “LEED-certified” have in the past few years proven that this concept is what tenants, businesses and employees prefer.  These buildings operate at lower costs and create a higher standard of environmental quality – which is catching the powerful attention of commercial/corporate, public and individual buyers. These high-level performance features are definitely playing into decisions about leasing space and purchasing properties and homes.
Green buildings mean that closer attention is paid to energy-efficiency in heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as windows, lighting, plumbing and more.  The maintenance of these environments then require green cleaning and maintenance to uphold the higher standards set forth in the construction and outfitting of the office or commercial buildings.
Cincinnati Maintenance proudly provides “green cleaning” for offices, commercial buildings, medical facilities and more – always with the environment and the health of the workforce and customers and clients of these buildings in mind.
With the most advanced and up-to-date cleaning methods plus safe chemistry, we strive to provide the healthiest possible work space for the buildings we maintain.  Cincinnati Maintenance also closely monitors the most cutting-edge green technology and practices to ensure you, your properties and your businesses are protected and are doing your part to be responsible to the environment.

What is LEED in Greater Cincinnati? Green Building Leadership is Changing How We View Design, Construction, MAINTENANCE and Operation of Buildings and Communities

Have you ever heard of LEED?  If you haven’t, you soon will.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Green Building Leadership?  Or, just green buildings?
Basically, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, and it is a level of certification that provides the standard for green building practices and strategies.   
The question is, why should you care?  We spend most of our lives in our homes and offices.  For now, let’s just consider your home.  As we learn more each day about the importance of being safe for the environment as well as safe for our own personal health and that of our families, Cincinnati Maintenance believes that every home should be “green.”  At the minimum, it should be maintained in a clean, safe, “green” manner.  
Cincinnati Maintenance provides “green cleaning.”  With your health and the environment in mind, the products and techniques we use protect your largest investment – your home.  And, protects your most valuable asset – your FAMILY.
Green Cleaning with Cincinnati Maintenance means we use 90% less water during cleanings and only use green certified cleaning products.  With the most advanced and up-to-date cleaning methods plus safe chemistry, we strive to provide the healthiest possible environment – whether it’s a regular maintenance cleaning or a complete restoration. One of our clients’ favorite results is that your carpets and floors dry quickly, and this eliminates the fear of mold or biological growth.
Green Cleaning also means that sewage waste is reduced by 90 percent.  There are no gasoline-burning engines during cleaning services.  Additionally, we use only HEPA filtration vacuums on every job.
Bottom line is: we support the concept that LEED homes are built to be healthy, provide clean indoor air and use safe building materials.  To that end – whether you have a LEED-built home or not – Cincinnati Maintenance strives to provide green cleaning maintenance to give you and your family the highest level of green peace of mind available.
Learn more on our Green Cleaning website page.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tile and grout can be challenging.  Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.  Being equipped with the proper tools for maintenance will help pro-long the appearance of your tile and grout.  For commercial settings proper matting systems reduce soil infiltration drastically.  The same can be applied to residential applications.
When installing tile and grout one of the most important steps is applying a seal after the job is complete.  Most of this should be done by the contractor, but we find many times that the floors are never sealed.  Sealing aids in preventing moisture from entering the grout lines.  This is intended to provide a layer of protection so that cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.  Just like any other type of surface, normal wear and tear, cleaning solutions, and agitation breaks the seal down over time increasing the need for a routine maintenance schedule to include re-sealing applications.
Most of the seals are volatile solvents.  Be sure to have plenty of air circulation, and appropriate skin and eye wear protection to avoid and health related issues.  Some of the major chains have an aerosol seal.  We recommend avoiding these.  Overspray will happen and you do not want the seal to rest on any of your tile.  Best form of application is a sponge type applicator brush found in most hardware stores.  If the soil has gone too far, and cleaning attempts have been futile a color seal application will be your best option.
Color seal comes in virtually every color allowing you to completely restore your grout lines.  We only use Mapei brand color seal.  This will not only restore your floor, but it acts as a more permanent coating allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.  Don’t think all is lost.  We can save the day!
Having proper matting systems at your home or business will control the amount of soil entering the property.  It’s always best to have a rubber mat outside and a very absorbent mat inside.  Make sure your mats are long enough for at least 3 steps.  3M makes some excellent matting solutions for both commercial and residential applications.  Outside of proper matting, make sure you have the proper tools in-house to clean the floors properly.
Heard of microfiber?  I’m sure you have.  Microfiber dust mops and wet mops are some of the best tools you should have in your cleaning arsenal.  They out perform traditional cotton mops significantly.  They attract more soil without the use of toxic chemicals.  Don’t forget dry vacuuming with a Hepa vacuum is always the first step, then follow with your microfiber dusting and wet cleaning.  In addition to the right tools, chemistry plays a role in proper maintenance.
Sticky residues left behind by aggressive cleaners can be a nuisance.  Microfiber mops, hot water, and a neutral floor cleaner will be your best bet.  Most floor cleaners are high in alkalinity leaving tacky residues that attract soil left behind on your floors.  Did you know household vinegar will help counteract this?  Vinegar is an acid and can help reduce or relieve this problem.  We use the Procyon line of green floor cleaning products.  It’s soap free, chemical free, and is all plant based.  Not only can your floors be challenging to maintain, but bathroom tile needs special attention too.
Most bathrooms are full of moisture.  The environment is often warm, dark, and damp.  What normally is produced in an environment like this?  Bacteria, mold, and mildew.  We are still dealing with soil, just a completely different type.  Ventilation, and proper cleaning are important to avoid issues associated with mold and mildew.  Bacteria thrives in wet environments.  So get it dry, and use the right cleaners to ensure a clean healthy environment for your family.
Hydrogen peroxide cleaners have come a long way.  We use more commercial strength cleaners that you may not find at your local hardware store.  Some are available by top brands, but may not have the strength needed if your situation requires more restorative action.
Dealing with soap scum?  Yeah we hate it too.  Best solution!  Stop using soap!  Organic and green healthcare products eliminate soap completely.  They use essential oils and plant based ingredients vs any lye, glycerin, or animal fats.  If you switch to more “green” options guess what! No more soap scum.  Soap scum may require heavy duty cleaning applications.
In addition to aggressive chemistry the use of a commercial grade steamer will help aid in the cleaning process.  Plus, who loves all those cracks, crevasses, and tight corners?  A steamer will help blast soil and issues out of all those areas.  It also increases the effectiveness the cleaning products ten-fold.  Heat rapidly increased the chemical reaction of cleaning products.  It’s a win win.