Winter Cleaning Tips to Keep Snow and Salt off Your Floors.

Winter Tips to Keep Snow and Salt off Your Floors.


Snow and Salt Can Be a Bothersome Mess.

Winter in Cincinnati is almost over, but Old Man Winter is here for several more weeks. I thought it would be important to share some useful tips to keep your carpet and hard surfaces clean as we pull through the remainder of this very cold winter.


Tip #1


Proper use of mats.

Whether it’s your home or commercial space you are concerned about the proper mats can help reduce soil infiltration into your structure.  


Outside your door it’s ideal to use a rubber mat to help knock off debris such as stones, and excess salt from entryways.


Inside your door is where you need an absorbent mat. You’ll want a walk off mat that allows for at least two full steps. If you’re worried about your home, it would help to further the protection with a few scrap terry cloth towels.


Also I’d restrict how people enter your home or facility. Have them enter through the door where all the outside elements can be controlled with proper mat’s.


Tip #2


Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Salt is often higher than 7 on the ph scale.  Meaning it leans more towards alkalinity. For those unfamiliar alkalinity attracts soil by leaving a hard or sticky residue.  This goes for your carpeted areas as well.


A rule of thumb is to only use neutral balanced cleaners around your home or office to avoid residue buildup.  If access alkalinity is present, you’ll want to focus your efforts on a non-abrasive acid based floor cleaner.


The most effective choice for homes is a hot water and vinegar solution.  Pay attention to those bottles you buy at local home stores. Most common degreasers are higher on the ph scale adding only to the alkalinity.  While it may look clean, the floor may have a stubborn residue only leading to attracting more soil, and frustration.


As for carpet soil from snow, salt, and our furry friends, do your best to lay towels to absorb as much of the outdoors as possible. Be cautious of store bought carpet cleaners.  Again as a rule of thumb look for a neutral, eco-friendly spotter or carpet cleaner. Less residues, less soil. Cincinnati Maintenance will be ready for your restorative, low-moisture, green carpet cleaning as soon as the weather breaks.


Thanks for reading this article. If you have questions about stubborn soil issues on your hard surfaces or carpet, we’re available at anytime.


Ed Susshine

Cincinnati Maintenance

Think About This Before Winter Arrives

Think About This Before Winter Arrives

Something to think about – before the reality of Winter arrives for a nice long stay – the effects of “ice melt” or salt or rock salt on your home’s interior.  That’s right, we said interior.
Rock salt and “ice melt” can wreak havoc on your carpets and floors. If you are using any type of salt product to combat ice on your porch, driveway, or walkway this winter, you’re sure to have someone track it in your home. This can destroy carpet fibers and gravely increase wear on your carpet. Not to mention, it will make your carpets look dirty, too!
The solutions are simple. Have people take off their shoes before tracking in your house! A designated area near the entrances to your home, preferably lined with an old towel, is a good idea.
Secondly, have doormats at all of your entrances, right inside the door. Be sure to vacuum them…often! It’s a good idea to have a couple of inexpensive replacement mats on hand during the Winter.
You want to be sure to also vacuum your area rugs and carpets far more often, whenever any type of salt has been used on icy pavement near your home. The salt particles get deep down into the carpet a lot more quickly than you think!
Lastly, one word of caution – many ice melting products can be extremely harmful to pets. Please keep this in mind this Winter.
The bottom line: Don’t let Winter ruin one of your largest investments – take the time to prepare for the season and protect your floors and carpets.