After you have a professional come out to clean your carpets, do you want the carpets to dry quickly so you can get back to your normal household or business routine?  Well, sure you do! 
Cincinnati Maintenance knows that low moisture cleaning – called encapsulation – is the most advanced way to clean and maintain carpet in your home or business. Low moisture technique solves many problems commonly associated with carpet cleaning. Among these are waiting hours and hours for the cleaned area to dry, possible exposure to unwanted or unsafe chemicals, and – for the environmentally conscious – having a tremendous water-wasting footprint.
The great news is, with encapsulation, carpets dry fast! Really fast.  Homeowners are happy because “regular life” carries on and commercial clients are happy because their place of business has very few interuptions and no fear of a slip-and-fall hazard.
And, guess what? Most all encapsulation cleaners are PH balanced.  Not only are they safe for all carpet fibers, but they do not require the application of rinsing agents.  The carpet is fresh and there is no sticky residue that attracts unwanted soil.
Lastly, Cincinnati Maintenance continues to be on the cutting edge of green cleaning technologies.  Our low moisture cleaning is enviromentally responsible by cutting out waste of thousands of gallons of water, as well as being safe, effective, and clean without causing environmental hazards or exposing anyone to toxicity.