Low Moisture or Encapsulation Cleaning is Best

There are different methods of professional carpet cleaning. We at Cincinnati Maintenance prefer low-moisture encapsulation. Why? Because Low Moisture or Encapsulation cleaning is the most safe and advanced way to clean and maintain carpet. It dries fast; it’s PH balanced; and there is no chemical residue – therefore is wayyyyyy better for the environment AND […]

Low Moisture Cleaning is AWESOME!

Cincinnati Maintenance’s Low Moisture or Encapsulation cleaning is the safest and most advanced technique to clean and maintain carpet.  Here are some benefits: Carpets dry fast! Your home or business gets back to “normal” quickly! No complex chemical processes. Most Encapsulation cleaners are pH balanced and usually do not require rinsing agents. Carpet is left fresh and clean with no chance of […]

A Little Bit about “Wicking” – What is It and How to Deal with It

So, let’s talk about “wicking.”  On Monday we blogged about low moisture carpet cleaning. Cincinnati Maintenance is a big believer in this type of carpet cleaning which is also called encapsulation. You can see from that blog that we usually adhere to this type of cleaning because it dries fast, is non-toxic, and does not […]

After a Professional Cleaning, Who Wants their Carpets to Dry FAST?

After you have a professional come out to clean your carpets, do you want the carpets to dry quickly so you can get back to your normal household or business routine?  Well, sure you do!  Cincinnati Maintenance knows that low moisture cleaning – called encapsulation – is the most advanced way to clean and maintain carpet […]

Considering Olefin Carpet or Already Have It? Things to Consider about Maintenance and Cleaning of Olefin Carpet. Be sure to choose the RIGHT carpet cleaner in Cincinnati Ohio.

It is fairly common for commercial offices or businesses to consider installing Olefin carpet, sometimes known as Olefin Berber.  Everyone has heard how this type of synthetic fiber is miraculous at resisting stains.  That IS true; it IS stain resistant. However, there are some pitfalls to Olefin as well.  Olefin loves….oil.  It is basically an […]

Low Moisture Cleaning Solves Problems

Low Moisture or Encapsulation cleaning is the most safe and advanced way to clean and maintain carpet.  Whether in residential setting or commercial environments low moisture solves many problems associated with carpet cleaning. Carpets dry fast. Homeowners are happy because their busy house can get back to normal quickly.  Commercial clients experience rapid turnaround times […]