Cincinnati Maintenance knows you want clean carpets and upholstery but are also concerned about toxic chemicals around your family, pets, employees and clients.  That’s why we use plant-based, non-toxic, soap-free Procyon to take care of your cleaning needs.
Determined to be the leading “green” carpet cleaning company in Cincinnati, we are proud to be able to tell our clients that the products we use are:

Additionally, the encapsulation cleaning we provide emulsifies contaminants and soil, which creates an incredibly fast drying time – usually 45 minutes to 1 hour! – and leaves absolutely no soapy, sticky residue.  
Why do we at Cincinnati Maintenance work with the cutting edge of “green,” non-toxic products like Procyon?  Because we want to give you the best cleaning technology available that is safe for you and your loved ones – for your peace of mind and ours.