Don’t Neglect Your Furniture

We talk all the time about your carpets and floors being one of your home’s largest investments. But, your furniture is, too! Don’t neglect cleaning your furniture upholstery! We at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend professionally cleaning upholstery every 8-12 months, sometimes even more often if you have small children or pets. Your couches and comfy chairs can get […]

It’s Not Madness! It’s our March Specials!

It’s a fun time of year for basketball fans – MARCH MADNESS! We have a bit of “madness” of our own – not really, IT’s NOT MADNESS – IT’s OUR MARCH SPECIALS at Cincinnati Maintenance – Cincinnati’s expert for carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout care, hardwood care, dryer vent cleaning, and more! $50 Dryer […]

We at Cincinnati Maintenance are Thankful….for YOU!

It’s hard to believe it’s already time for Thanksgiving! We at Cincinnati Maintenance have a lot to be thankful for….and we are especially thankful for YOU, our customers! We have been blessed with a wonderful set of loyal customers and are thankful for the new ones we are meeting every day. It’s been especially heartening […]

Should You Clean Before the Holidays….or After?

Have you ever wondered, should I have my carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned before the holidays….or after? Well, that depends. First of all, are you having guests in for the holidays?  If you have noticeable stains on the carpet… would be nice to clean those before your guests arrive. If you have pets who sometimes […]

How to Handle A Fingernail Polish Disaster!

When dealing with paint or nail polish, the question of how to handle depends on how long the spot has been there. Both paint and fingernail polish are  typically are petroleum based, so the cleaning process is basically the same. If someone spills a bottle of nail polish on the floor and its hard surface, quickly and liberally sprinkle […]

How to Quickly Address a Coffee Spill

Oh, man! A coffee spill on your carpet. Great way to start the day, huh? Addressing a coffee stain can be very tricky. Depending on the type of coffee, it has the potential for permanently staining fibers. Did you know that deluxe or supreme blended coffee as well as decaf coffee all have artificial dyes to […]

That Delicious Goodness Isn’t So Good for your Carpet and Furniture

We’ve all done it. You know, had a delcious, buttery piece of corn on the cob on your plate and began carrying it to the couch to eat while watching your favorite TV show. Oops, the corn rolls right off the plate, hits the couch and then lands on the carpet. Ugh! When dealing with […]

Your Furniture is Important, too!

Your furniture is important, too! So, how often should you clean your upholstery? We at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend professionally cleaning upholstery every 8-12 months. Especially for people who have pets or small children. People eat on their couches, they sweat on their couches, dogs and cats sleep or lie on the couches (think pet dander, hair and […]