Green cleaning – most have heard of it, these days. Why should you care about green cleaning?  Daily, we are hearing more and more in the news about the importance of being safe for the environment. Keeping the environment healthy, keeps you and your families healthy, too. Cincinnati Maintenance believes that every home should be as “green” as possible. At the least, strive to maintain your home in a clean, safe, “green” way.
With your health and the environment our top priority, the products we use and how we use them are good for your home AND your family.
Cincinnati Maintenance uses green-certified products when we clean your home or office.  We want the healthiest possible environment for you– whether it’s a regular maintenance cleaning or a complete restoration. A perk of the green products we use is that your carpets dry very quickly and this eliminates mold or other biological growth.
There are no gasoline-burning engines during cleaning services and we use only HEPA filtration vacuums on every job. Our products and techniques ensure that your home is taken care of in the “greenest” way possible. That’s great for you AND the environment.