Low Moisture or Encapsulation Cleaning is Best

There are different methods of professional carpet cleaning. We at Cincinnati Maintenance prefer low-moisture encapsulation. Why? Because Low Moisture or Encapsulation cleaning is the most safe and advanced way to clean and maintain carpet. It dries fast; it’s PH balanced; and there is no chemical residue – therefore is wayyyyyy better for the environment AND for your own home or business.
However, whether you choose hot water extraction or encapsulation cleaning, please consider the following:

  • Pre-vacuuming should be required by the technician. If you hire a professional and they do not begin by dry vacuuming first, send them on their way before they do anything more. Seriously.
  • Request non-toxic, “green” pre-sprays and cleaners. Cincinnati Maintenance often uses Procyon Brand carpet and tile cleaning products to produce amazing cleaning results.  These cleaners are soap free and derived from various plant based ingredients. This helps eliminate any type of chemical exposure whatsoever.
  • Carpet grooming: The crimp and twist of the carpet is set at the mills with either a wet or dry heat.  When professionals clean with heat, the setting from the mills can be disrupted.  Post Grooming can help prevent harming the carpet fibers.

Cincinnati Maintenance is dedicated to staying current on all of the best products and best practices to help keep your home and business clean AND safe.

Green Cleaning – Great for You AND the Environment

Great for You AND the Environment

Green cleaning – most have heard of it, these days. Why should you care about green cleaning?  Daily, we are hearing more and more in the news about the importance of being safe for the environment. Keeping the environment healthy, keeps you and your families healthy, too. Cincinnati Maintenance believes that every home should be as “green” as possible. At the least, strive to maintain your home in a clean, safe, “green” way.
With your health and the environment our top priority, the products we use and how we use them are good for your home AND your family.
Cincinnati Maintenance uses green-certified products when we clean your home or office.  We want the healthiest possible environment for you– whether it’s a regular maintenance cleaning or a complete restoration. A perk of the green products we use is that your carpets dry very quickly and this eliminates mold or other biological growth.
There are no gasoline-burning engines during cleaning services and we use only HEPA filtration vacuums on every job. Our products and techniques ensure that your home is taken care of in the “greenest” way possible. That’s great for you AND the environment.