We at Cincinnati Maintenance are Thankful….for YOU!

Thank you!

It’s hard to believe it’s already time for Thanksgiving! We at Cincinnati Maintenance have a lot to be thankful for….and we are especially thankful for YOU, our customers!
We have been blessed with a wonderful set of loyal customers and are thankful for the new ones we are meeting every day.
It’s been especially heartening to have some really great reviews left for us throughout the year.  Some of our favorites:

  • Ed and Cincinnati Maintenence are the best carpet cleaners I have ever used. We have dogs and after they were finished all spots of mud and other matter was gone and the carpets smelled fresh and clean, not like chemicals. They are professional and on time and more than fair in pricing.  – Linda
  • Cincinnati Maintenance came out today & did some serious magic on our sectional! Two teenage boys & two mastiffs did their best to make it impossible but no match for these guys. Polite/professional and not too bad on the checkbook – will definitely use them again. – Missy
  • Cincinnati Maintenance and Eddie Susshine are amazing!!! Our dog was very sick and vomited several times on our cream carpet. We could not get the stains out. So we called Eddie and they came right out and had the stains gone with an hour! Carpet looks brand new again! We can’t thank you enough!!! – Mary
  • Eddie and his crew came out and did a fantastic job on our carpets and were ultra professional. Super highly recommend!! – Wally

We humbly thank you and look forward to serving you for years to come. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Should You Clean Before the Holidays….or After?

Should You Clean Before the Holidays....or After?

Have you ever wondered, should I have my carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned before the holidays….or after?
Well, that depends. First of all, are you having guests in for the holidays?  If you have noticeable stains on the carpet…..it would be nice to clean those before your guests arrive.
If you have pets who sometimes have accidents, a professional cleaning can get rid of stains, odors, and even keep your pet from revisiting that old familiar spot – because they no longer smell where they’ve “been” before.
Are your guests going to be bunking on the couch? Yep, go ahead and get that cleaned and fresh-smelling, too.
BUT……if your carpets, rugs and furniture are in good, clean shape, there ARE reasons to wait until AFTER the holidays to have a professional cleaning.
For example, if your guests are bringing small children, you will inevitably have extra spills. Are they bringing pets, as well? Be prepared for an accident or two.
Or, if you’re having the biggest party of the year at your house…..maybe, just maybe, waiting until after your holiday party is the best time for a profesional to get things back to normal again.
Things to think about….you want to get the best bang for your buck.

Cold and Flu Season Is Soon Upon Us!

Cold and Flu Season Is Soon Upon Us!

Cold and flu season is soon upon us! And other nasty bugs abound during this time of year, too.  Did you know the norovirus can live on a carpet’s uncleaned surface for a month or more? Ugh.  Illness is inevitable – kids bring home germs from school, there’s lots of get-togethers and parties for the holidays where you’re around more people, and even more people are out grocery shopping to buy for the holiday feasts — touching those grocery carts. Eww.
No one can completely avoid every illness that goes around, but keeping your business or home as clean as possible clean can sure go a long way in preventative care!
Last January we blogged about how we are frequently asked how often to clean the carpets in businesses such as medical clinics or daycares. Here is our rule of thumb: Certain types of businesses need the carpets cleaned more often than others.  For instance, daycares could benefit from weekly or twice-per-month cleaning because small children are crawling around and constantly put things that have been on the floor in their mouths.  Hopefully no one is putting anything in their mouth that’s been on the doctor’s office floor, but, nevertheless, every one-to-three months is good timing for medical facilities to have a deep floor clean.  During pandemic or a time of especially hard-hitting viruses, obviously more often can only benefit the reduction of germs.
Homeowners may want to consider some extra cleaning during “sickness season,” too.  A couple of tips for the home:

  • An area that is often overlooked is tile and grout.  Those grooves and crevices of tile and grout floors can get really gross and germy, too.  Don’t forget that these areas need deep, professional cleaning, too.
  • If you have someone in your home who suffers from allergies or asthma, vacuum regularly and considering professional cleaning more often. Read more about carpet cleaning versus allergies here.

Cincinnati Maintenance cares about our customers, their homes and their businesses. While we obviously can’t say we prevent illness, professional cleaning can be a powerful tool to help combat it!

Think About This Before Winter Arrives

Think About This Before Winter Arrives

Something to think about – before the reality of Winter arrives for a nice long stay – the effects of “ice melt” or salt or rock salt on your home’s interior.  That’s right, we said interior.
Rock salt and “ice melt” can wreak havoc on your carpets and floors. If you are using any type of salt product to combat ice on your porch, driveway, or walkway this winter, you’re sure to have someone track it in your home. This can destroy carpet fibers and gravely increase wear on your carpet. Not to mention, it will make your carpets look dirty, too!
The solutions are simple. Have people take off their shoes before tracking in your house! A designated area near the entrances to your home, preferably lined with an old towel, is a good idea.
Secondly, have doormats at all of your entrances, right inside the door. Be sure to vacuum them…often! It’s a good idea to have a couple of inexpensive replacement mats on hand during the Winter.
You want to be sure to also vacuum your area rugs and carpets far more often, whenever any type of salt has been used on icy pavement near your home. The salt particles get deep down into the carpet a lot more quickly than you think!
Lastly, one word of caution – many ice melting products can be extremely harmful to pets. Please keep this in mind this Winter.
The bottom line: Don’t let Winter ruin one of your largest investments – take the time to prepare for the season and protect your floors and carpets.

Green Cleaning – Great for You AND the Environment

Great for You AND the Environment

Green cleaning – most have heard of it, these days. Why should you care about green cleaning?  Daily, we are hearing more and more in the news about the importance of being safe for the environment. Keeping the environment healthy, keeps you and your families healthy, too. Cincinnati Maintenance believes that every home should be as “green” as possible. At the least, strive to maintain your home in a clean, safe, “green” way.
With your health and the environment our top priority, the products we use and how we use them are good for your home AND your family.
Cincinnati Maintenance uses green-certified products when we clean your home or office.  We want the healthiest possible environment for you– whether it’s a regular maintenance cleaning or a complete restoration. A perk of the green products we use is that your carpets dry very quickly and this eliminates mold or other biological growth.
There are no gasoline-burning engines during cleaning services and we use only HEPA filtration vacuums on every job. Our products and techniques ensure that your home is taken care of in the “greenest” way possible. That’s great for you AND the environment.

Ink on your Carpet? Don't Panic

Ink on your Carpet? Don't Panic

When dealing with ink, we at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend a two-part system. First, blot with a clean towel to get up what you can. (This rule of thumb applies to almost every type of spill – and, remember, BLOT, don’t scrub!)
Then, you will need two spray bottles. Fill the first one up with water and add one drop of liquid dish detergent. In the other bottle, fill halfway with water and the other half with white distilled vinegar. Spray the spot to be cleaned with the detergent mixture, and use a towel to blot up spot even more.
You may also use a brush to tamp the spot to encourage color transfer. When spot is gone, spray vinegar mix on carpet and blot again. Remember, less is more. Use too much detergent and you will have a residue left on the rug or clothing or whatever is being cleaned. Owner Eddie Susshine says, “Rubbing alcohol can and has worked for me in the past, but I feel the two part cleaning system works best. I would not use any type of oil based cleaning agent. For example, WD-40 will definitely leave a harmful residue behind if not properly rinsed.”
Don’t panic! If you need professional assistance, contact Eddie Susshine right away – he’s here to help!

How to Handle A Fingernail Polish Disaster!

How to Handle a Fingernail Polish Disaster

When dealing with paint or nail polish, the question of how to handle depends on how long the spot has been there. Both paint and fingernail polish are  typically are petroleum based, so the cleaning process is basically the same.
If someone spills a bottle of nail polish on the floor and its hard surface, quickly and liberally sprinkle sugar on top of it.! The sugar will absorb 99% of the product. What’s left over can be carefully cleaned with nail polish remover or acetone. However, NEVER directly apply nail polish remover or acetone to the surface that is being cleaned. Always apply the nail polish remover or acetone to a clean cloth and blot the spot
On fabric, nail polish remover and acetone, if applied directly to the carpet or fabric, can de-laminate the fibers, meaning the glue that is holding the fibers together may deteriorate and the carpet fibers will start to fall out or the upholstered fabric will become weak and possibly tear. If the paint or fingernail polish is wet, blot with a damp towel. Do not scrub because the stain will just get larger. Always work from the outside of the spot towards the center. When you cannot get any more transfer to the towel, then use the nail polish remover/acetone. Depending on how old the carpet is and how frequently it has been cleaned will definitely determine how well the spot will clean up. If the carpet is old and has not been cleaned regularly, then the dye-sets of the fibers are most likely open and ready to accept other dyes readily.
What we highly recommend – because of the petroleum content of paint and nail polish as well as because acetone or nail polish remover can do damage to hard surfaces, carpet fibers and upholstery unless it is handled very. very carefully – is in the case of this type of disaster, contact your professional cleaning company immediately to assist you. Contact Cincinnati Maintenance for these tough situations!

How to Quickly Address a Coffee Spill

How to Quickly Address a Coffee Spill

Oh, man! A coffee spill on your carpet. Great way to start the day, huh?
Addressing a coffee stain can be very tricky. Depending on the type of coffee, it has the potential for permanently staining fibers. Did you know that deluxe or supreme blended coffee as well as decaf coffee all have artificial dyes to make the color uniform? (Makes you think, doesn’t it?)
To try to take care of it yourself, we at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend a two-part approach:
First, blot with a clean towel to get up what you can. Now, you will need two spray bottles. Fill the first one with water and one drop of liquid dish detergent. Fill the other bottle with equal parts of water and white distilled vinegar. Spray the area with the detergent mixture and use another clean towel to blot the stain. You may also use a brush to “tamp” the spot. Once you no longer see the coffee spot, spray the vinegar/water mixture on the carpet and blot. Remember, less is more. Using too much detergent will leave a residue. We do not recommend any type of oil-based cleaning agent. For example, WD-40 will definitely leave a residue behind if not properly rinsed (which is hard in itself to do!)
If the coffee stain is on a light-colored carpet and there is still a little color, you can MIST 3% hydrogen peroxide over the spot and blot. And, we mean mist only. You cannot use too much because it is a bleaching agent.
As always, feel free to contact Cincinnati Maintenance to discuss your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs, schedule an appointment, or receive a free estimate.

That Delicious Goodness Isn't So Good for your Carpet and Furniture

That Delicious Goodness isn't so Good for your Carpet and Furniture

We’ve all done it. You know, had a delcious, buttery piece of corn on the cob on your plate and began carrying it to the couch to eat while watching your favorite TV show. Oops, the corn rolls right off the plate, hits the couch and then lands on the carpet. Ugh!
When dealing with oily spots or spills, corn starch or baking soda will be your best friend. They will absorb most if not all of the oil.  The main trick is to take care of the oily stain immediately!
Here are some simple steps to follow get that butter or oily stain out:
First, try to scrape off as much of the oily offender as you can.  The back of a butter knife is a great tool for this.
Then, sprinkle the stain with baking soda or cornstarch.  Let the absorbent baking soda (or cornstarch) sit there for maybe half an hour. Be SURE to vacuum it up thoroughly. Hopefully at this point, most of the oily residue has been lifted.
Time to clean it now with water and a mild dishwashing liquid. NOTE: always, always, always test your cleaning mixture in an inconspicuous spot before applying to carpet or upholstery. Use a white cloth to apply the soapy mixture and a new cloth to rinse well with water. Always blot, don’t rub.
If the oily stain is persistent, please feel free to call Cincinnati Maintenance for advice or to have us come out and take care of it for you!

Your Furniture is Important, too!

Your Furniture is Important, too!

Your furniture is important, too!
So, how often should you clean your upholstery? We at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend professionally cleaning upholstery every 8-12 months. Especially for people who have pets or small children.
People eat on their couches, they sweat on their couches, dogs and cats sleep or lie on the couches (think pet dander, hair and drool — ewww!).  In fact, upholstery, for the most part, can be dirtier than carpet!
Look at it this way: how often do you vacuum your carpets? Now, how often do you vacuum your upholstery?  People sit on their furniture just as often as they walk on the carpet the furniture is placed on, but it’s likely that the carpet gets vacuumed far more often…
Add your furniture to your vacuuming schedule and have your upholstery professionally cleaned a minimum of once per year.  It will make a tremendous difference in the cleanliness, look and lifespan of your furniture!