Don't Let Your Carpets Make You Sick

Flu and cold season is about here – a topic we like to address this time of year. The kids are in school, probably around more children than usual and therefore more germs. It’s naturally flu season anyway. The change of seasons sometimes seem to bring on colds and whatnot. There’s not a lot you can do about any of that, BUT you can take measures to help keep your carpets from making you sick.

  1. Use an entryway mat. We have talked about this before. Entryway doormats are a place where grit, grime, and, yes, even some germs can be halted before it all reaches your home’s carpets. The trick here is to really, really have that doormat on a good vacuuming and cleaning schedule! And, hey, it’s a doormat – replace them as needed.
  2. Vacuum! Just do it. And, a vacuum with a good filter – preferably HEPA filter – is definitely best.
  3. Clean up spills and food crumbs immediately. The goal here is to reduce bacteria growth from organic material. Same goes for any pet accidents: get it cleaned asap.
  4. Deep, professional cleaning on a regular schedule (once per year or twice per year, even) is always a good idea. More often if you have pets or toddlers in that crawling-around stage.

Minor illnesses, especially during “the season,” can’t be completely avoided, but taking care of your carpets properly is just one more step in taking care of you and your family.
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Things Reputable Carpet Cleaners Do

Let’s face it – not all carpet cleaning companies are alike. As with any type of service, some companies are just better than others. Cincinnati Maintenance strives to adhere to a certain level of high performance combined with good ethics – providing great customer satisfaction throughout the Cincinnati area. As you search for the best carpet cleaning service to meet your needs, keep in mind these things that reputable carpet cleaners do:

  1. Follow strict IICRC standards for carpet cleaning and floor care services
  2. Pre-vaccum carpets to remove loose soil and debris
  3. Use U.S EPA screened and tested products that are safe for your family, pets, and commercial customers
  4. Understand and implement safe cleaning methods for all types of carpet, even wool
  5. Post-groom your carpet, providing a fresh look and feel
  6. Have educated and properly certfied technicians
  7. Is fully insured

Do not hesitate to ask any company you are considering using if they can say “yes” to all of the above.  After all, it’s your money you’re spending, and it’s your home or business you are protecting!
If you have questions about carpet cleaning in general or about a particularly tough problem you may be having with pet stains or other difficult carpet issues, please contact Cincinnati Maintainance today. We are happy to discuss your needs and methods to meet them. As always, we provide free estimates.

Think About This Before Winter Arrives

Think About This Before Winter Arrives

Something to think about – before the reality of Winter arrives for a nice long stay – the effects of “ice melt” or salt or rock salt on your home’s interior.  That’s right, we said interior.
Rock salt and “ice melt” can wreak havoc on your carpets and floors. If you are using any type of salt product to combat ice on your porch, driveway, or walkway this winter, you’re sure to have someone track it in your home. This can destroy carpet fibers and gravely increase wear on your carpet. Not to mention, it will make your carpets look dirty, too!
The solutions are simple. Have people take off their shoes before tracking in your house! A designated area near the entrances to your home, preferably lined with an old towel, is a good idea.
Secondly, have doormats at all of your entrances, right inside the door. Be sure to vacuum them…often! It’s a good idea to have a couple of inexpensive replacement mats on hand during the Winter.
You want to be sure to also vacuum your area rugs and carpets far more often, whenever any type of salt has been used on icy pavement near your home. The salt particles get deep down into the carpet a lot more quickly than you think!
Lastly, one word of caution – many ice melting products can be extremely harmful to pets. Please keep this in mind this Winter.
The bottom line: Don’t let Winter ruin one of your largest investments – take the time to prepare for the season and protect your floors and carpets.

Which Comes First? Do You Dust Before You Vacuum or Vacuum Before You Dust?

Which Comes First?

Ask people this question: Do you dust before you vacuum or vacuum before you dust?  You will get a plethora of answers – and different rationalizations for each anwer.
The same goes for baseboards. Should you clean the baseboards before you vacuum or after?
Well, if inquiring minds really want to know, this is what we at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend:
Dust first, then vacuum. Why? Pet hair, dander, dust, and other allergens are are always “floating” in your home, even if you can’t always see them. A good rule of thumb when cleaning is to wipe down your home’s surfaces first  – on a side note, we always recommend using microfiber cloths for dusting and other surface cleaning.  These help trap the particles and allergens in the cloth.
What you don’t want to do is vacuum, then dust, and then watch your surfaces appear dusty once more when the disturbed particles settle once again.
Neither notion of “which comes first” will ensure that all dust in the home is removed, but dusting and cleaning the baseboards first will trap most of the dirt and dust in your microfiber cloths, and then vacuuming afterwards will clean up any remaining debris that fell onto the floor or carpet when you dusted.
So, now you know.