Not all carpet cleaning companies are alike. That would be like saying hiring a professional landscaper is the same as hiring a 12-year-old kid from down the street for a landscape installation.
So, what should you look for in a carpet cleaning company? Here are a set of questions you might ask when considering inviting professional cleaners into your home:
Are you certified? Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is presented to the most reputable companies and highly-trained technicians. This includes coursework, training and exams. Ask the company you’re considering for documentation of IICRC certification.
Are you insured? You certainly don’t want to work with a company that lacks proper insurance – this includes liability as well as worker’s compensation insurance for its technicians. Lack of insurance means lack of responsibility and failure to follow legal requirements. Don’t be too shy to simply ask, “Are you properly insured?”  
Do you provide written estimates? It’s good to know what to expect before you hire someone to do any type of work in your home. It’s even better to get the estimate in writing, so there can be no cause for concern when you are presented with the bill.
Do you have any references or testimonials of your work? You can do your own research first by looking at Google reviews, reviews posted on other social media and testimonials posted on a company’s website. If you want to dig deeper, ask for a few names and numbers of clients who would not mind your calling to ask about the quality of the company’s work.
How long have you been in business?  Let’s face it, longevity in business means more experience and also equates to success of that business. If a company indicates it is “family-owned,” feel free to ask how many generations of the family have been in this line of work. No amount of formal coursework can replace the knowledge a long-term business enterprise has gained over the years.