Things Reputable Carpet Cleaners Do

Let’s face it – not all carpet cleaning companies are alike. As with any type of service, some companies are just better than others. Cincinnati Maintenance strives to adhere to a certain level of high performance combined with good ethics – providing great customer satisfaction throughout the Cincinnati area. As you search for the best carpet cleaning service […]

Two Reminders to Protect your Floors & Carpet During this Insane Weather!

It’s nice, it’s ugly, it’s sunny, it’s rainy, it’s icy, it’s rainy again, it’s sunny, it’s ugly, it’s nice, it’s icy, it’s rainy again. Ugh! Crazy Cincy weather! Here are two important reminders to protect your floors and carpets during this time of ever-changing weather in Cincinnati: Salt, rock salt or other ice-melting compounds are […]

Allergy Season is Here – Keeping Your Home Clean Can Help

It’s that time of year – sneezing, sneezing, watery eyes, sneezing, sneezing. Did we say sneezing?  Yes, it’s ALLERGY season! There is not much you can do about outdoor allergens, but one way to combat your allergies is by keeping your home clean and your indoor quality at its best! Cincinnati Maintenance can help! Did you […]

It’s Not Madness! It’s our March Specials!

It’s a fun time of year for basketball fans – MARCH MADNESS! We have a bit of “madness” of our own – not really, IT’s NOT MADNESS – IT’s OUR MARCH SPECIALS at Cincinnati Maintenance – Cincinnati’s expert for carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout care, hardwood care, dryer vent cleaning, and more! $50 Dryer […]

We Clean Medical Facilities, Daycares and Preschools

When you go to the doctor or take a family member in, you want to be assured that the doctor’s office is CLEAN.  Sometimes, carpets and floors are forgotten or neglected when germy surfaces are being cleaned in medical facilities. That’s where Cincinnati Maintenance can help! It goes without saying, certain types of businesses need […]

We Use Environmentally Safe Products to Clean Your Home!

Cincinnati Maintenance uses environmentally safe products to clean your home! Lately, we’ve been talking about how pets are inside more during the Winter months. And, when they do go out, they often track in mud and whatnot during these cold, wet months. We will clean all of your pet’s “messes,” including the tracked-in mud, dirt, […]

Low Moisture Cleaning is AWESOME!

Cincinnati Maintenance’s Low Moisture or Encapsulation cleaning is the safest and most advanced technique to clean and maintain carpet.  Here are some benefits: Carpets dry fast! Your home or business gets back to “normal” quickly! No complex chemical processes. Most Encapsulation cleaners are pH balanced and usually do not require rinsing agents. Carpet is left fresh and clean with no chance of […]

Entryway Mats – Small Investment Now Saves Money Later

Business owners: Entrance mats stop dirt, salt (in Winter from icy sidewalk care), and other debris from being tracked further into your office building – which can spell trouble for polished floors, rugs, carpets, and polished floors. Protecting your commercial and retail investment is usually in the forefront of business- and building-owners’ minds. This extends […]

Should You Clean Before the Holidays….or After?

Have you ever wondered, should I have my carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned before the holidays….or after? Well, that depends. First of all, are you having guests in for the holidays?  If you have noticeable stains on the carpet… would be nice to clean those before your guests arrive. If you have pets who sometimes […]

Cold and Flu Season Is Soon Upon Us!

Cold and flu season is soon upon us! And other nasty bugs abound during this time of year, too.  Did you know the norovirus can live on a carpet’s uncleaned surface for a month or more? Ugh.  Illness is inevitable – kids bring home germs from school, there’s lots of get-togethers and parties for the […]

Think About This Before Winter Arrives

Something to think about – before the reality of Winter arrives for a nice long stay – the effects of “ice melt” or salt or rock salt on your home’s interior.  That’s right, we said interior. Rock salt and “ice melt” can wreak havoc on your carpets and floors. If you are using any type […]

Ink on your Carpet? Don’t Panic

When dealing with ink, we at Cincinnati Maintenance recommend a two-part system. First, blot with a clean towel to get up what you can. (This rule of thumb applies to almost every type of spill – and, remember, BLOT, don’t scrub!) Then, you will need two spray bottles. Fill the first one up with water and […]

How to Handle A Fingernail Polish Disaster!

When dealing with paint or nail polish, the question of how to handle depends on how long the spot has been there. Both paint and fingernail polish are  typically are petroleum based, so the cleaning process is basically the same. If someone spills a bottle of nail polish on the floor and its hard surface, quickly and liberally sprinkle […]

Having Carpet Installed? Things to Know

New home? Remodeling? Great! It’s an exciting time and “picking out” carpet and other features is a lot of fun. When it’s time for your carpet to be installed, here are a few things to know: Have your old carpet removed and properly disposed of – if possible, recycle! There is a great website for Carpet […]

Regular Carpet Cleaning Helps with Allergies and Asthma

Your home’s indoor air quality is important. Especially if you or someone in your family have allergies or asthma. Some people believe that having zero carpet reduces allergies in the home. That may or may not be true, as other experts have indicated that carpet increases air quality because it traps known allergens and keeps them […]